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The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is a public body responsible for protecting and improving Scotland’s environment. SEPA was established in 1996 and operates as an independent organization under the Scottish government. SEPA’s main aim is to protect and enhance Scotland’s environment and promote sustainable use of natural resources.

SEPA’s Range of Responsibilities

SEPA, with a wide range of responsibilities, operates across Scotland, spanning both urban and rural areas. Some of its key responsibilities include:

  1. Pollution control: SEPA is responsible for regulating and controlling pollution in Scotland, including the control of discharges from industrial processes, sewage treatment works and other sources of pollution.
  2. Waste management: SEPA works to ensure that Scotland’s waste is managed in a safe and sustainable manner. This includes the regulation of landfill sites and the promotion of recycling and other waste-reducing initiatives.
  3. Water management: SEPA is responsible for the protection of Scotland’s water resources, including rivers, lakes, and groundwaters. It also regulates the abstraction of water for public water supplies and for industrial and agricultural use.
  4. Flood risk management: SEPA works to reduce the risk of flooding in Scotland, providing advice and support to communities and businesses and carrying out research into flood risk and its management.
  5. Environmental information and data: SEPA provides a wide range of environmental information and data, including data on air and water quality, waste management and flood risk. SEPA uses this information to inform decision-making and to support the development of effective environmental policies.

SEPA’s Operations

SEPA has a wide range of responsibilities and operations. It operates in both urban and rural areas. Additionally, it regulates the abstraction of water for public water supplies, industrial use, and agriculture.


In summary, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency plays a vital role in protecting and enhancing Scotland’s environment. Its wide-ranging responsibilities, expertise and commitment to engagement with communities and stakeholders make it a key player in promoting sustainable use of natural resources and ensuring a clean and safe environment for Scotland’s people and wildlife.

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