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What services does Moving Force offer?

Moving Force offers waste removal services for households, offices, and construction sites. This includes the removal of general household waste, construction debris, electronics etc. In addition, we offer home clearance and moving services for those who need to declutter or move to a new home.

How can I schedule a waste removal appointment with Moving Force?

You can schedule a waste removal appointment with Moving Force by calling our customer service line, Whatsapp us or by using our online Request A Pickup form on our website.

How quickly can you remove my waste?

In some cases this service can be at your door to collect your waste on the very same day of your enquiry. Once booked, we’ll keep you updated at every step with confirmations, texts to know when we’re near and waste transfer notes once your collection has been responsibly disposed of.

Will my waste be handled responsibly?

At Moving Force, we have been professionally and responsibly disposing of waste for years. We have high rates of recycling and have also become a carbon-neutral company through our carbon forests. This means you can rest easy with a peace of mind that your waste will be handled responsibly when booking with Moving Force.

Do I need to be in when you collect my waste?

You do not need to be at the premises on the day of your collection. If you plan on being out, please ensure that the waste to be collected is easily accessible. You can send us photos ahead of your collection to give us more information. We can also collect items from inside your home, but in these cases you will have to be in to allow us access to collect the waste.

Is Moving Force licensed and insured?

Yes, Moving Force is fully licensed and insured to operate as a waste removal company.

How much does waste removal cost?

The cost of waste removal varies based on the amount and type of waste, as well as your location. Contact Moving Force for a customized quote.

Does Moving Force offer recycling services?

Yes, Moving Force is committed to promoting sustainability and offers recycling services for certain materials, including electronics, paper, and metal.

What happens to the waste once Moving Force removes it?

Moving Force is committed to responsibly disposing of all waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We work with approved waste facilities to ensure that waste is disposed of in a manner that complies with all relevant regulations.

If you couldn’t find answer for your question, please contact us using our contact form here.

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